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Monitoring the physical, psychological and social well-being of the mother throughout the childbearing cycle.

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Well-Woman Care

Advanced Doula / Monitrice Services

Prenatal, Birth, & Postpartum Care

We offer well-woman care care which includes annual exams, paps, lab work, STI testing, and holistic counseling for healthy menses, hormonal balance, optimal digestion, fertility, and pre-conception. 

Using the midwifery model of care, the well woman exam is individualized and client centered.  We do not use stirrups for paps and pelvic exams, instead we use a flat table and allow the client the time needed for the most comfortable experience possible.

We provide resources for clients to further their knowledge to go into conception and pregnancy with the highest level of health and wellness possible. 

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Prenatal, Birth, & Postpartum Care

Advanced Doula / Monitrice Services

Prenatal, Birth, & Postpartum Care

Prenatal visits are provided during the developmental stages of your baby. We take the time to address your physical and emotional needs to ensure that your prenatal experience is one that you'll enjoy. Services during your visit can include urine assessments, blood pressure testing, nutritional counseling, and fetal heart measurements.  Visits are 30 minutes to an hour in length.  We find this time to be extremely valuable to establish trust, good communication, and know what is normal for you and your baby. 

The midwife will arrive for your home birth when you are in labor, bringing with her all equipment that is in a standard labor and delivery room, including options for water birth.  At home you will experience the freedom to move around as needed, eat what you'd like when you'd like, and relax in whatever way feels good for your body. The combination of support and comfort from your family and our team, is beneficial in facilitating your birth. 

To ensure that you receive the best possible care for you and your newborn baby, your home birth midwife will stay in close contact with you after your birth to provide support, physical exams, assist with breastfeeding, and answer any questions you may have. All of these services can be provided to you in the comfort of your home. Our goal is to stay connected with you for a happy and healthy postpartum. 


Advanced Doula / Monitrice Services

Advanced Doula / Monitrice Services

Advanced Doula / Monitrice Services

We provide Advanced Doula / Monitrice Midwifery Services for families that choose to birth in the hospital, yet want the intimate and loving care of a Midwife.  

Prenatal and postpartum appointments are provided with the same attention and care as home birth clients.  Labor support is provided with the added benefit of providing medical services such as listening to fetal heart tones and performing vaginal exams if desired.  When birth is close, or at anytime the family chooses to go to the hospital, your midwife will accompany you, providing continuous labor support as a Doula until your baby is nestled in your arms.


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Our Team

Dr. Jennifer Angell, Jennifer Angell, DC, LM, CPM, chiropractor, midwife, Newport Beach, CA

Jennifer Angell, DC, LM, CPM


Jennifer Angell is a licensed chiropractor and a licensed midwife, serving Orange County, California and surrounding areas.  

She received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 2002, and graduated from National Midwifery Institute in 2018.  She served over 500 families as a Certified Birth Doula for 16 years before becoming a Midwife.  

Jennifer truly believes in the body's ability to birth, having extreme reverence for the birthing process.  She welcomed her two daughters earth side in peaceful at-home water births, surrounded by her midwife and team of  wise women.  

Jennifer is honored to walk with women through the rite of passage to motherhood.  She strives for all of her clients to have the highest level of health and well-being throughout their pregnancy, and works with them to achieve the safest arrival for their little one.  Usually this is a normal physiological birth in the comfort of the client's home.

She provides home birth services, with the option for water birth if desired.  Jennifer does not attend breech or twin births.

***  Jennifer Angell is NOT a Medical Doctor, Nurse, or Nurse Practitioner.  She is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) through the National Association of Registered Midwives (NARM) and she is a California Licensed Midwife (LM).   *** 

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